தொலை நோக்கு பார்வை
தொழில் நல்லுறவை மேம்படுத்துதல் மற்றும்
தொழிலாளி நலம் பாதுகாத்தல்

Bonded Labour Helpline Number - 1800 4252 650
Child Helpline Number - 1098


Awareness Generation:-

  • On 12th June, Anti Child Labour Day Message from Hon'ble Chief Minister is being published in many English and local language Newspapers to create mass awareness among public.

  • In the annual All India Industrial and Tourism Trade fair held at Island Grounds, Chennai from December to March every year, awareness is generated among the Public through anti child labour audio Jingles, hoardings, Banners and Puppet shows.

  • In the 41st All India Industrial and Tourism Trade Fair held during January to March 2015 at Island Grounds in Chennai, a signature campaign on awareness on elimination of child labour was organised. In that signature campaign 64,562 general public have signed the pledge against the employment of child labour.

  • Anti Child labour Slogans and short films are telecast in all local cable networks in the Districts

  • During the year 2015 Anti Child Labour Day awareness has been created through SMS, Cinema slides, Signature campaign, local cable T.V, All India Radio, Rallies, Folk cultural programmes, Hand bills, Hoardings at main bus stands, Railway stations and letters to 1 lakh Students etc.

  • A state level anti-child labour awareness meeting was held on 12.06.2015 in Kanchipuram. The Secretary to Government Labour and Employment Department, The Commissioner of Labour, District Collector of Kanchipuram, The Director of Industrial Safety and Health, Member of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assembly, Local Body Members, officials from various departments and school children have participated in the meeting. Awards were distributed to the mainstreamed students of the Special Training Centres of National Child Labour Projects who secured high marks in the 10th and 12th standard public examinations. Awards were also given to one best educational Instructor from each NCLP district, one Inspector of Labour, one Deputy Director of Industrial Safety and Health, one NCLP project director and two field officers for their good performance in their area of work. Some of the erstwhile NCLP STC children presently Mrs. Deepa, working as a Teacher(Post graduate- Maths) in Government Girls Higher Secondary school at Nanganallor, Mr. Sankar,Assistant Branch Maneger in a Inter national Investment Bank at Chennai and the state rank holder among the Children mainstreamed from NCLP Mr.Karthik were shared their experience were felicitated.
Award to Educational Instructor of NCLP Anti child labour day pledge
Award to Ms. Mahalakshmi, a NCLP Student of Trichy district who scored 1142 marks in 12th Public Examination during 2014-15. The Commissioner of labour Tmt.P.Amudha IAS distributed mementoes to the children participated in the programme
Experience sharing by Mr.V.Karthik who scored 1156 in 12th std Signature Campaign at Dharmapuri
Anti Child Labour Day pledge taken by the School Students of Tiruppur Special Grama sabha organised at a village in Virudhunagar District
  • During the month of January 2015 enforcement officials in the districts have carried out special raids/ inspections with a view to vigorously enforce the laws prohibiting employment of children. 7339 inspections were carried out and 40 children were rescued from employment and rehabilitated.

  • In order to create mass awareness among the public in connection with the Anti Child Labour Day on 12th June 2015 special raids were conducted on 10.06.2015 and 11.06.2015. During the raids 3828 inspection were conducted and 11 contraventions notice. 12 Children were rescued from work and out of them 1 child was admitted in NCLP special training centre, 8 children were handed over to Child Welfare Committee and the remaining 3 children were re admitted in regular schools.

  • In Tamil Nadu 161 categories of officials from various Departments have been notified as Inspectors under the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 as per section 17 of the said act.