Q.1.Who are the implementing Authorities under Bonded Labour System (Abolition ) Act :?

Ans:District Collectors are the implementing Authorities under Bonded Labour System (Abolition ) Act 1976..

Q.2.Who can receive complaints under Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976?

Ans: District Collectors, Sub collectors, RDO, Jurisdiction police officer, ACL (E) and Deputy Director DISH can receive complaints under Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976

Q.3.Who are the Nodal officers under State and District level ?

Ans: The Commissioner of Labour is the State Level Nodal officer and at District level ACL (E)) are notified as nodal offices for implementation of Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act

Q.4. What is the time period for enquiry on receipt of a Complaint?

Ans: Period for enquiry is within 24 hours on receipt of the complaint.

Q.5. What are the four forfeiture elements under Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976 ?


  1. Freedom of employment
  2. Right to move freely through out India
  3. Right to receive the legal Minimum Wages.
  4. Right to sell goods and services at Market Value.

Q.6. Is FIR Necessary under Bonded Labour System (Abolition ) Act?

Ans: Yes. It is compulsory under the Act.

Q.7. Who issues release certificate under Bonded Labour System (Abolition )

Ans: Jurisdictional RDO

Q.8.Is there any time limit to issue RC ?

Ans: The RC should be issued within 24 hours in the format prescribed in the CSS to each rescued Bonded Labourers including children found to be bonded labourers.

Q.9.What is the amount of Immediate Assistance to given to a rescued Bonded labour? Who will release the Immediate Assistance ?

Ans: The Concerned ACL(E) having jurisdiction should take action to release Rs.30,000/- as Immediate assistance from District Bonded Labour Rehabilitation Fund Account after getting approval of the District Collector through ECS to the rescued Bonded Labour.

Q.10.What is the time limit to register FIR under Bonded Labour cases ?

Ans: Police should take immediate steps to file FIR under relevant sections within 24 hours of the rescue

Q.11. Is there any time limit to file charge sheet before the Judicial Magistrate?

Ans: The Police should complete the investigation and file the final report/charge sheet before the Judicial Magistrate within 60 days from the date of FIR.

Q.12.Whether Release certificate shall be considered as ID Proof for the rescued Bonded Labour?

Ans: Yes

Q.13. What are the non cash assistance to be Provided to the Rescued Bonded Labour?


  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Ration Card
  3. Community certificate
  4. MNREGA Card
  5. Land Patta
  6. Government Insurance

Q.14.What are the welfare scheme to be Provided to the Rescued Bonded Labour?


  1. Registration of the Released Bonded Labour in all welfare boards and providevarious benefits.
  2. Self-employmentscheme through Bank loans.
  3. Construction of housed under Government Schemes.
  4. Skill development Training
  5. Milch Animals/Poultry.
  6. Brick kiln unit

Q.15.When does the final disbursement of Cash Assistance to be paid to Rescued Bonded Labour?

Ans: The final disbursement of cash assistance to be paid to Rescued Bonded Labour shall be made upon proof of bondage and other legal consequences as per the judicial Process.

Q.16.What is the amount of Cash Assistance to be paid to the bonded labourers as per the Central Sector scheme?

Ans: As per the Central Sector scheme final cash assistance of Rs 1 Lakh for adult male, Rs 2lakh for women and children, Rs 3 lakh for extreme deprivation of marginalization involving trans genders or women or children.

Q.17.When does repatriation of Bonded Labour to be done? Who is responsible for this?

Ans: The rescued DM or SDM is responsible forRepatriationand itmust be done not later than 24 hours from the date of rescue.

Q.18.What are the punishments for the offence committed under Bonded Labour System (Abolition ) Act:


section offence punishment
Sec 9 Creditor accepting payment against any bonded debt 3 years imprisonment and fine
Sec 16 Enforcement of Bonded Labour 3 years imprisonment Rs.2000/-fine
Sec 17 Advancement of Bonded debt 3 years imprisonment Rs.2000/-fine
Sec 18 Extracting Bonded Labour under BLSA Act 3 years imprisonment Rs.2000/-fine
Sec 19 Omission /Failure to restore Possession of Property of Bonded Labour 1 year imprisonment Rs.1000/-fine
Sec 20 Abetment Same punishment as is provided for the offence which has been abetted.

Q.19. Who is the chairman of the District Vigilance committee and what is the periodicity for conducting the meeting of the Committee?

Ans: District Collector is the chairman of the District Vigilance committee and the meeting of the committee should be conducted once in 3 months.

Q.20.Who is the chairman of the sub Divisional Vigilance Committee?

Ans: The sub-Divisional Magistrate is the chairman of sub divisional Vigilance Committee.

Q.21.What are the Government welfare funds provided under the Act and who are the responsible authorities?


Government schemes Responsible Authorities
Ration card Taluk Supply Officer
Community certificate RDO/Thasildar
Housing schemes Village Panchayat/Gram Sabha Block Development officer
House site patta RDO,Thasildar/Special Thasildar,Revenue Inspector ,Village Adminstrative officer
Employment Village Panchayat/Gram Sabha District Industries centre
Education District Education officer
Health and Medical care Village Adminstrative officer, Primary Health centre
Enrolment in Self-help groups Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission