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Bonded Labour Helpline Number - 1800 4252 650
Child Helpline Number - 1098


In the year 1994, the Government of Tamil Nadu established the Tamil Nadu Construction Workers Welfare Board for the welfare of manual workers engaged in construction industry. The Tamil Nadu Manual Workers (Construction Workers) Welfare Scheme,1994 covers the employments in construction or maintenance of dams, bridges, roads, or any other building operations, stone breaking or stone crushing, brick manufactory (other than those covered under the Factories Act) and construction of pandals. The scheme lists 53 categories of workers involved in construction activities who could register with this Board and avail the scheme benefits. The list of 53 categories of workers is given in below:-

List of Categories of Workers

Sl.No Categories
1 Stone cutter or Stone breaker or Stone crusher.
2 Manson or Brick layer
3 Carpenter
4 Painter or Varnisher
5 Fitter including bar bender
6 Plumber for road pipe work
7 Electrician
8 Mechanic
9 Well sinker
10 Welder
11 Head Mazdoor
12 Mazdoor
13 Sprayman or mixerman (road surfacing)
14 Wooden or stone packer
15 Well diver for removing silt
16 Hammerman
17 Thatcher
18 Maistry
19 Balcksmith
20 Sawer
21 Caulker
22 Mixer (including concrete mixer operator)
23 Pumb operator
24 Mixer Driver
25 Roller Driver
26 Kalasis or Sarang engaged in heavy Engineering construction like heavy machinery, bridge work etc.
27 Watchman
28 Mosaid Polisher
29 Tunnel Worker
30 Marble / Kadappa Stone worker
31 Road worker
32 Rock breaker and Quarry worker
33 Earth worker connected with construction work
34 Worker engaged in processing lime
35 Worker engaged in anti sea erosion work
36 Any other category of workers who is actually engaged in the employment in construction or maintenance of dams, bridges, road, or in any building operations.
37 Bricks Manufactory other than the Brick Manufactory under the Factories Act, 1948 (Central Act of 63 of 1948)
38 Employment in Construction of Pandals
39 Installation and repair of fire fighting systems
40 Installation and repair of cooling and heating systems.
41 Installation of lifts, Escalators etc
42 Installation of security gates, devices etc.
43 Fabrication and installation of irson / metal grills, windows, doors.
44 Construction of water harvesting structures.
45 Construction of water harvesting structures.
46 Construction / erection of signage, road furniture, bus shelters / depots / stands, signaling.
47 Cutting, glazing and installation of glass panels.
48 Installation of energy efficient equipment like solar panels etc.
49 Installation of modular units for use in places such as kitchens .
50 Making and installation of pre-fabricated concrete modules etc.
51 Construction of sports / recreation facilities including swimming pools, golf courses etc.
52 Construction of rotaries, installation of fountains etc.
53 Construction of public parks, walking tracks, landscaping etc.