Legal Metrology today plays a vital role in all business activities. Every transaction involving the exchange of goods, property and service is only on the basis of weights and measure.  In fact, the degree of development of a nation is determined by the accuracy of the weighing and measuring processes used in the country. Many activities would be affected if the required accuracy is not attained in measurements.  In the Engineering field, inaccurate measurement may lead to collapse of bridges, buildings and other structures.  If an inaccurate thermometer is used, it may end up in wrong diagnosis and if a balance used by a drug manufacturer is not accurate, the drug dispensed may cause harm to a patient instead of curing.
Inaccurate electricity, water and auto/taxi meters may cause recurring financial losses to the consumers. In large, country like India, thousands of crores of rupees worth of business transactions, small and large are carried out using weights and measures.  The use of false weights and measures by the traders may lead to the creation of black money.  It is everyone’s duty to ensure justice and fair play in the every weights and measures transaction. In Tamilnadu  Labour Department enforcing  Legal Metrology Act and its Rules for consumer welfare.


  • Maintenance of accuracy in all weights and measures used in Trade, Commerce and Industry in Tamil Nadu.
  • To ensure delivery of correct quantity for the prices paid by the consumers.
  • Protection of consumer interests
  • Protect and safeguard the well-being of any human being or animal, or to protect any commodity, vegetation or thing by using standard weights and measures.