தொலை நோக்கு பார்வை
தொழில் நல்லுறவை மேம்படுத்துதல் மற்றும்
தொழிலாளி நலம் பாதுகாத்தல்

Bonded Labour Helpline Number - 1800 4252 650
Child Helpline Number - 1098


If a registered construction worker dies, the Labour Officer (Social Security Scheme) of the respective district, after due verification, or any other officer authorised in this behalf by the Board, shall pay sum of Rs. 2000/- as funeral expenses, to the nominee of the deceased to meet the funeral expenses of the deceased registered manual worker.

The application shall be in Form -D accompanied by the death certificate with original Identity Card (Clause 14 (1)&(2), of T.N.C.W.W. Scheme , 1994)