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Bonded Labour Helpline Number - 1800 4252 650
Child Helpline Number - 1098


Formation of 16 Welfare Boards including the existing Tamil Nadu Manual Workers Social Security and Welfare Board.

Tamil Nadu Government have formed 16 separate Welfare Boards including the Tamil Nadu Manual Workers Social Security and Welfare Board with effect from 01.09.2006 to provide various welfare assistance to the manual workers engaged in the respective employments

Sl. No. Name of the Board
1 Tamil Nadu Manual Workers Social Security and Welfare Board
2 Tamil Nadu Unorganised Drivers Welfare Board
3 Tamil Nadu Washermen Welfare Board
4 Tamil Nadu Hair Dressers Welfare Board
5 Tamil Nadu Tailoring Workers Welfare Board
6 Tamil Nadu Handicraft Workers Welfare Board
7 Tamil Nadu Palm Tree Workers Welfare Board
8 Tamil Nadu Handlooms and Handlooms Silk Weaving Workers Welfare Board
9 Tamil Nadu Footwear and Leathers Goods Manufactory and Tannery Workers Welfare Board
10 Tamil Nadu Artists Welfare Board
11 Tamil Nadu Goldsmiths Welfare Board
12 Tamil Nadu Pottery Workers Welfare Board
13 Tamil Nadu Domestic Workers Welfare Board (22.01.2007)
14 Tamil Nadu Powerloom Weaving Workers Welfare Board (13.7.2009)
15 Tamil Nadu Street Vending and Shops and Establishments Workers Welfare Board. (29.1.2010)
16 Tamil Nadu Cooking Food Workers Welfare Board. (G.O. Passed on 23.02.2011)
The Government framed separate social security and welfare schemes for each of the 15 Welfare Boards.

Government Grant

The Government of Tamil Nadu have released grant to the Tamil Nadu Manual Workers Social Security and Welfare Board and other 13 boards for disbursement of welfare assistance to the manual workers registered with welfare boards

1999-2000 40,00,000/-
2000-2001(Corpus fund) 1,00,00,000/-
i)For All Boards
ii)Tamil Nadu Domestic Workers Welfare Board

2007-2008 13,98,42,213/-
2008-2009 45,00,00,000/-
2009-2010 64,00,00,000/-
2010-2011 90,00,00,000/-
2011-2012 73,39,67,625/-
2012-2013 67,26,09,000/-
2013-2014 67,26,09,000/-
2014-2015 63,96,74,000/-
Total 491,40,05,838/-
Tamil Nadu Unorganised Drivers welfare Board is being functioning based on the funds received from Regional Transport Office. They collect 1% additional tax on the motor vehicle tax and remit the same to the Tamil Nadu Unorganised Drivers welfare Board for disbursement of various welfare assistance to the workers registered with this board. The following welfare assistance introduced/enhanced from 01.09.2006.

Pension Scheme Introduced

The Pension Scheme was introduced from 01.09.2006. A Manual Worker who have completed 60 Years of age and registered with the Board for a continuous period of 5 Years is eligible to get Pension of Rs.300/- per month. It was enhanced to Rs.400/- per month from 01.07.2007.Further it was enhanced to Rs. 500 per month from 21.01.2011 and Rs 500 to 1000 from 27-12-2011.

Enhancement of Maternity Assistance

Maternity Assistance was enhanced from Rs.4,000/- to Rs. 6,000/- from 01.09.2006.

Accident Death / Disability Assistance from the Board Fund

Accidental death / disability assistance is being disbursed from the board fund instead of Insurance Company from 01.09.2006.

Registration Fee / Renewal Fee Cancelled

The government have cancelled the registration fee / Renewal fee completely from 01.09.2006 for the benefit of Manual Workers

Decentralisation of Sanction of Assistance

The power of sanctioning welfare assistances i.e. Education, Maternity and Funeral Expenses have been delegated to Deputy commissioner of Labour with effect from 08.10.2007.

Formation of Labour Office (Social Security Scheme) at District Level

The Office of the Labour Officer (Social Security Scheme) was formed in all the Districts from 01.11.2008 vide G.O.No.124, Labour and Employment, dt.24.10.2008 and it is being functioning. Registration, Renewal and disbursement of assistance to the workers are being done by this Labour Officer( Social Security Scheme).

Formation of Monitoring Committee at District Level

The Government have formed Monitoring Committee at district level under the Chairmanship of the District Collectors for monitoring the registration of workers under various welfare boards and disbursement of assistance to the workers.

Computerisation of Welfare Boards.

The Tamil Nadu Manual Workers Social Security and Welfare Boards, Tamil Nadu Constructions Workers Welfare Board and all the offices of District Labour Officers (Social Security Scheme) have been computerised from 15.09.2009.

Announcement made in budget( from 2011-2012 to 2014- 2015.

  • The registered manual workers who attains the age of 60 years is eligible for pension without any condition from 01.03.2011.
  • The marriage assistance has been increased from Rs.2000/- to 3000/- for men and Rs. 5000/- for women registered manual worker or son or daughter of the registered manual worker from 01.03.2011.
  • The Registered manual worker when met with an accident in any place and died subsequently is eligible for accidental death assistance of Rs.1 lakh from 01.03.2011.
  • Increased monthly Pension to the registered Workers from Rs.500 to Rs.1000.
  • Disbursement of Welfare assistance to the Unorganised workers of Welfare Board through Banks.
  • Renamed the "Tamilnadu Auto Rickshaw and Taxi Drivers Welfare Board" as "Tamilnadu Unorganised Drivers Welfare Board".
  • Additional Educational Assistance of Rs.2000 has been provided to the eligible wards of Members of Welfare boards pursing professional degree, Professional postgraduate and all other Postgraduate Courses.
  • Artificial limbs and wheelchairs has been provided Unorganised Workers registered in the Welfare boards.
  • Skill training in driving heavy motor vehicles and the Industrial Vehicles has been provided to the Workers who registered in the Tamilnadu Unorganised Drivers Welfare Board through the Institute of Road transport at a cost of Rs. 12.75lakhs.
  • Conducting Awareness campaigns on social security schemes extended to the Unorganised Workers through Welfare Boards with view to register a large number of Unorganised Workers at the district and Block levels at cost of Rs.1.02crore.
  • Increasing the period of Renewal of membership registration of workers in unorganised boards from two to five years to remove the hardship to the workers.