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The important provisions of the Act deals with
  • Collection of Labour Welfare Fund
  • Vesting and Application of the Fund.
  • Constitution of the Board
  • Terms of Members
  • Power to appoint committee
  • Functions of the Board
  • Unpaid Accumulations
  • Deposit of Funds
  • Placing of Accounts and Audit Report before the State Legislature
  • Power to make Rules and Regulations

The Tamilnadu Labour Welfare Fund Rules 1973 deals with
  • Payment of Fines and Unpaid Accumulations by the Employer
  • Maintenance and Audit of Accounts
  • Budget of the Board
  • Additional Expenditure
  • Mode of Payment
  • Payment of Contributions
  • Meetings of the Board
  • Quorum
  • Administrative and Financial Powers of the Secretary
  • Publication of Annual Report
  • Maintenance of the following Registers by the Employers

Form A- Statement showing the particulars of contribution amount paid to the Secretary, Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Board.

Form B- Register of Wages
Form C- Register of Fines and Unpaid Accumulations