தொலை நோக்கு பார்வை
தொழில் நல்லுறவை மேம்படுத்துதல் மற்றும்
தொழிலாளி நலம் பாதுகாத்தல்

Bonded Labour Helpline Number - 1800 4252 650
Child Helpline Number - 1098


Tamil Nadu Manual Workers Social Security and Welfare Board

Tamil Nadu Government enacted The Tamil Nadu Manual Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Work) Act, 1982 to regulate the employment and conditions of the manual workers engaged in 69 employments included in the schedule to the Act. The Tamil Nadu Manual Workers Welfare Board was formed on 17.03.1999 and framed the Tamil Nadu Social Security Welfare Scheme 2001 to provide various welfare assistance to the unorganised workers. This Scheme was amended in 2006 and it was further amended in 2008.

During 2000 - 2001 nine separate welfare Boards were constituted for various kinds of manual workers. But due to administrative reasons the Government amalgamated all the nine Boards with the Tamil Nadu Manual Workers Welfare Board on 21.7.2004.